Friday, May 30, 2008

Build a Little Bird House In Your Soul

What is your best Scrabble word?
I am singularly hopeless at scrabble. I play at and I loose with alarming frequency. I have to recreate log ins, because no one will play with me I have such a bad score.
Would you attend a party with many fascinating people you have never met if you had to attend alone?
Yes, I would. I don't have a problem being with people, as long as they leave me alone. I'll stay there quite happily and watch what was going on. I love People watching.

Is it the language that someone speaks or the culture in which someone lives that influences their viewpoint the most? It is the culture which influences them. What is round about you affects and influences the way you speak!

If you were to add a 13th month into the year, where would you put it and what would you call it? I would add an extra month between July and August, and call it Downtember. It would be a complete holiday month. No one doing nothing.

Would you take 5 months off to travel the world if you only had a 50/50 chance of being employed when you got back? Yes I would. Definitely. Nothing would stop me.

Monday, May 26, 2008

My little song will keep you beside me

Monday again. The weekends just fly fly fly.

The boys were gone. Si to Camp At Barskimming, which is the Ancestral Pile of Lord Strathclyde of Barskimming. Seriously. Lord and Lady Strathclyde made a visit. I'm not sure that the kids, or the leaders very overwhelmed. But that's life for you.

Boy No 1, was at Scottish Open Volleyball Tournament in Perth. He was staying over with Danny. He wouldn't give me Danny's phone number. I got an address. Which was something I suppose. But my point of keeping contact was highlighted, when on Saturday afternoon he suffered a dislocated thumb.......and then his phone Died! humph. Yeah, right. So he's big enough and bad enough. He looked after himself!

Me and Baby went shopping on SAturday. IS only 4 weeks til she heads off to Swizzerland. I think she is all sorted, and the brace has settled in. If anything, she has become more confident since she had it placed. I thought she would become more quiet. No. that has not happened!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday 5

The original Friday 5, appears down. I've borrowed this one

1. Are you a good worker? When I feel like it. Today no. I'm browsing. I always have a bit of a spurt on Friday afternoons tho - and do lots.

2. What do you carry? A big red bag, or a wee grey one.

3. Do you know your neighbors? Christine and David Next Door, Caroline and Gary on the Other side. Aileen and Amy across the road, Emma, Alan, Caitlin and Ross, who own the house across the road, but have let it to Mark and Fiona and their kids. Davie who plays the Sax and his wife, (can't remember her name right now), Cathie and DAvie Across the main road, Jackie and Iain, and Nicole and Naomi. Yeah, I know the neighbours.

4. Where do you like to go for a day trip? Edinburgh. Defo.

5. What is at your feet? Files and A Waste bin.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Glad I spent it With You!

Nice Lunch today.

Mum came over with Jeanie, and we had a lovely lunch, Sole Goujons, in Cecchini's straight across from my work.

Heaven's my hair looks really dark eh? Maybe I should let it go grey? Hmmm.

Lunch was then followed by two glasses of Champagne aboard a wee boaty in the Marina who had just been completed. Very nice. I could have sat there all day.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wish It Was me You chose

What a lovely weekend.

All Gone Again!

Where does it go? Why does it go so fast?

Saturday, Tool was at Guides. "I'm a GUide Get me OUt of here". At Netherauchendrain! And Yes that is a real place, and there are the MOST beautiful houses in there. This is one of the Cheaper ones! And it is still Way too Far out of our reach!

I was in bed for most of the morning. Thundery Sky, led to my head being very very sore. It didn't matter how many pills It took it stayed there all day.

I managed to drag myself up in the afternoon, and went down town with Si for a few bits and bobs and a quick chank around the square.

We just sat and stagnated on Saturday night. Watching Pap TV. Heaven's it couldn't get much worse.

Sunday was much better. Lovely Sunny Skies. Si and I bounced (well I did),... Si did his usual slow stagger. Heh heh.

We went and got our shopping, and then headed home, had breakfast, headed back out for soil for the plant pots and then came home and potter round garden all day.

Gran came out for tea, and we sat about enjoying the sunshine.

I finished my weekend by watching Heroes. I love Heroes. I do I Do I do.

Friday, May 16, 2008


The Friday 5

What makes you feel old?
If I say in the office, "Oh I love this song", and the lads in the office go "who is it?" and I say "Prince", and they say "who?"

What makes you feel young?
Bouncing on the Trampoline - there is something about bouncing up and down that blows the years away.

What was better when you were allowed to do it the old way?

Typing. What skill there was involved to type up a 3 carbon copy with no mistakes! Anyone can type now - the PC makes it easy to amend mistakes..... makes everyone look good! I was a good typist! Bet I couldn't even do it now!

What’s better now that you do it the new way?

Typing. ha ha ha - Yeah, although it made you look good, it was flipping hard work. There was actually a level of concentration involved. Now with WP you can loose yourself in a world of your own. Did you know it is possible to type up 8 pages of minutes, and not have a clue what is in them, but have them perfectly correct.

What’s something you are
old school about?
1980's. End of Punk, New Romantics . 1980's were my time... Young Wild and Mad and Earning. I discovered Spending, Drinking, Men and made sure I practiced a lot! I like the music today --- but find myself leaning towards those who are a wee bit reminiscent of the time. TV shows... everything. Was my Rose Coloured Glasses Stage. Nothing wrong in the world.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paint your smile on your lips

Okay, so 4 weeks ago, Si bought scales. Bad....

4 Weeks Ago I started exercising, not furiously, but seriously, and trying my hardest to eat sensibly.

Today, I have reached 10lb lost. which is on average 2.5 lb per week, which is ideal.

Am very very pleased.

By My reckoning, by 16th August, I will be gorgeous vision exact (actually smaller) vision that the one which met my husband 22 years before.

THat's my target, and that's my countdown!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Yeah, these are things that I don't understand

k posted me today.

I love getting post from K, always amusing, if somewhat intriguing. You just never know what to expect.

Today tho, two post it notes, describing how RDJ looks exactly like Big Sexy with the exception of his eyes, chin, and hair (i.e,., nothing like him at all).

A Cut-out from the Metro 60 seconds with RDJ himself. Which is lovely.

Then 10 little peices of paper cut out from Metro....

Here they are... This was then folllowed by an Anagram "American Fire Hydrant Franko"

I don't know if the words refer to American Fire Hydrant Franko... or whether American Fire Hydrant Franko is significant.

Am confused.

The bees are buzzing in the trees

Look Who Appeared on My Desk today.....

Zebra Bear......

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I just can't get you out of my head

All weekend.

I had a bit of stress situation on Friday.......and that I think maybe triggered the migraine. It was there when I went to bed, and there when I woke up on Saturday.

Then I had to take Boy up to Coltness, for his NT Team Selection Day's Training. We were leaving Tool to do his paper round, and discovered that the inserts weren't there. So Boy told Tool to do the papers and come back and collect the inserts. We got a panic phone call from Tool at 9.05 to say that she didn't have time to collect the last of the papers and get ready for her day out. She was off to Loudon Castle with the Guides... and was leaving in 30 minutes. I stopped the car, calmed her down, and then phoned mum who heroically drove round, got her organised and finished the papers - and seen her off to Loudon.

Boy and Me, collected Ryan, and we completed the journey to Coltness. I set off back to Glasgow, visited the bank, and spent a lovely hour wandering thru Border. I found the best book in the world. "All Cats have Aspergers Syndrom", Is a beautiful picture book comparing the symptoms of Aspergers in children to the behaviour of cats. I was mesmerised.

Then I headed off to The Fort in the east end of Glasgow and visited... Borders. I love Book Shops, I do I Do I do. This Borders were having a High School Musical Day.... cue loads of weans in High School Musical pyjamas / t-shirts / pom poms. Running about Singing "All In this ToGether", or" What Time is it" and practising cheer leading. All great fun.

There are too many books about. I could quite happily live in the bookshop for ever and ever and ever. Hence my need to Open "Aurora Borealis Buck Bean Smoothie Books".

I found another book. "How to have Great Ideas". I think I should have bought it.

anyways, good bimble, and upstairs for a Dulce Du Laite Frappacino. Yummsers. Except A BIT filling.

After another roam around all the shops - including the farmers market, I headed back to the car and headed back to Coltness. I stopped off as ASDA and picked Steven up some Salad and drinks. He is always starving and thirsty when he comes out of training.

I had to wait maybe 30 minutes for them to finish. I had to go in, because I was bursting for the toilet. I hate going in because I don't want to distract him, but I had to. They had all just finished, so Me divinginto the toilet was the best thing. I don't know about these boys... they are too free with their divesting themselves of their clothes when they have finished playing.

Anyways, eventually we got home.... and Tool was waiting for us, exhausted after a tiring day. She headed up to bed for a sleep.

We had tea, boy headed out with his mates, and me and Tool sat and watched bad Saturday TV.

We all slept late on Sunday - Well I woke at 6, and my head was killing me, so I headed down and took a pill. I woke at 8, and it was still there, and then finally got up at 10. I went shopping came back and took more pills. and sat out in the garden for a bit. The head was slowly grinding me down.

Tools went off with Laurie to visit her gran, I can't actually remember what else I did - my head was completely blanked out.

Si came home -he had a lovely weekend with the other Scout Leaders...... hmmmm. Not. He was exhausted from exertion, I was exhausted from keeping my head on.

Then We had the Awful News. Nant had fell over and mum had to run her to hospital, - She's now back home with plaster cast on, and all we can think about is .... how is she going to wipe her bum! Take care Nanty...... And Nunk.... Don't be running about too much.......Please phone if you need us.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Friday 5


When was the last time you had a needle stuck into you?

I believe that I have a needle stuck in my left butt cheek right now. I think I dropped it on the chair when I was stitching Boy's Shorts. And then I sat on it. I think by now, it has possibly passed beyond the realms of pain now, because I can't feel it anymore.However, it may just have been sciatica. If this wasn't the right time......I had surgery on my face, and I had a needle stuck into my face four times to numb it. That was interesting!

Who among your friends is the easiest target for
As a rule I try not to needle people. being of a sensitive nature myself,
I know that needling another normally leads to a return attack, which is something I'm not brilliant at defending. So I rather abstain.

What’s something y
ou can confidently do with a needle and thread?
I can sew Guide and Scout Badges on. I can sew in the end of my Knitting. I can sew up holes in trousers (Normally Boy's Crotch), and darn holes. I'm pretty adept with a needle. But I can't cross-stitch. Nant is the Cross Stitch Genius in our family.

About how many phonograph records do you have in your home, and when’s the last time you dropped a needle on one?
I probably have about 300 records in the house. I think. My records used to be my passion. I had hundreds upon hundreds. Then my sister "Borrowed" them, while I was away in Edinburgh (living) and her house got broken into and all my records got stolen. That kinda took the joy out of my collection. I sort of built it up again, and then it got combined with Si's. Sadly, they are all up in the attic now, because we don't have a turntable - however I have spotted USB turntables in Firebox so maybe we will bring them down again! I dropped needles on them all the time. I hear old songs on the radio and I actually sing them with the scratch in them, because that's what I remember!

omeone told us the other day about someone at a party using a flavor injector to spike a watermelon with vodka. Is this brilliant or is this stupid?
This is stupid. Because watermelons are almost on a par with EVIL TOMATAES. Have you seen the flipping seeds in them? Jeesus. Why would you want to spoil vodka with flipping Evil Watermelon?????

Thursday, May 08, 2008

just make the lazy ones work and let the power unleash.

Am becoming quite obsessed with my Wii Fit.

Up at 6.20 each morning to do 30 minutes (or more). I work on the aerobics - and I'm sweating profusely, so it's obviously doing something! And then have a wee play at balance.

Boxing is my latest gain. My god. There is something quite releasing about punching the air hard. I have to make sure tho that I stand far enough away from the TV not to punch my nunchuck right thru it!

ha ha

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Learn to speak Arapahoe........

I got into work really early this morning. So early the door was still locked!

I had thought, I'll walk back to the car and get my keys and then I thought, Nah, I'll have a walk along the pontoons. So I did.

It was lovely. So quiet, calm and peaceful. Even my mad blister stayed calm for the duration.

And I met Colin, who offered to take me for a Sail on Friday, and Simon said Yeahhhhhh.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The way that people respond to summer madness

So here I am, sitting in the office, working the May Day Bank Holiday!

Facing kind South East, so in the shade this afternoon..... wooly jumper on cause this morning when I was out walking at 6.45 it was a bit blowy.

..... and I text home and says

"what are you all up to?"

Tooli Sleeping on the Trampoline

Si, relaxing on the Hammock!
Boy Studying at the Table!


Sunday, May 04, 2008

I saw your face in a crowded place,...........

I don't like crowds.

I hadn't thought about it before but I realised it yesterday as I prepared to go to our Annual Hog Roast. I really don't like mixing in big crowds of people - i'm fine if I'm with people I love and trust, but when I'm not I feel physically sick.

I can't tell you the relief I felt when I saw Si, Dude and Tool arrive. After that I kept them close so that I could see them from wherever I was. Made me feel much better.

For my birthday from the gang, (my family Gang), I got a Wii Fit. O M Bloody God. This is brilliant!

Apart from the fact, that it has made my Wii Mii a bit fat now, I'm delighted with it. Tool is becoming expert in all fields. Is really quite amazing for a piece of plastic. I don't know quite what is inside that Wii Board, but my god it makes you do wonderful things. My legs are killing me from balance exercises!This is the downhill ski-ing. I'm hopeless at that, but I LOVE the Yoga and the Step Class and I excel at Hulahooping. Gran, however, totally failed. I never seen anyone fail at Hula Hooping before. But the poor wee Mii of Gran, couldn't do it.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Friday 5

The Friday 5

How do you feel about spicy food?

Neither One Way Or The Other. On One Hand I like it, on the other hand, if it is tooo hot, it distresses me.

What kinds of condiments do you add to food in order to spice things up a bit?

I add Jam to bacon butties. I add Salt and Vinegar Crisps to Bread. I add Cheese to Meat. I know none of these are condiments, but I'm not very lateral in the cooking department. Is Sweet Chili sauce a condiment? I add that to Macaroni.

Not counting salt and pepper, what’s your favorite flavor enhancer when cooking?

Sweet Chili Sauce. defo. With Crispy Beef, With macaroni, With Curry. Oh, And I love Coriander, again, not a condiment..... but lovely in it's own little grassy way.

What’s the spiciest food you’ve ever eaten?

One of Si's "mild" curries. He made it, insisted it was lovely, and then me and poor Tool sat and tears streamed down our faces cause it was burning the lining from our oesophagus. Si and the boy were fine tho. But Boy would eat anything. Mainly because he's a tory.

In what way might some other aspect of your daily life be spiced up, and what’s keeping that from happening right now?

How might my life be spiced up. If I won the lottery - that would spice things up. If Christof Lambert came in to the office and flirted with me....

Hold on Tight....

Hold It

1. When feel the urge to use the bathroom, do you hold it or go right away?

I have had a hysterectomy. I need to go before I feel the urge! I'm also 44, which means I no longer have control over my kidney function.

2. When was the last time you held hands with someone?

Yesterday. I hold hands (much to my children's disgust) with my husband all the time)

3. Do you hold in your emotions or let them out?


4. If you play blackjack or poker, are you more likely to hold or fold on any given hand?

HOLD AND FOLD. nature of the game.

5. In general, can you hold your tongue? When you have a secret? When

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I get Up... And Nothing Gets Me Down....

Yesterday Si had a bouncing marathon.

Si doesn't express much emotion. You buy him something fantastic that he has only dreamed about.... he says, "thanks. that's great". He said yesterday when he grew up with nothing to smile about - looking unhappy became second nature.

The only time I have seen REAL emotion on his face, was on our Wedding Day.... That smile is burnt into my memory, and then again, when the kids were born.

But the Trampoline... wow this has opened a whole new world to us.

Bouncing on the trampoline makes Si smile.

It makes him smile so much, we all just sit round and watch him - it makes us all so happy.

It's brilliant. I'm going to make him bounce EVERY day.