Monday, May 19, 2008

Wish It Was me You chose

What a lovely weekend.

All Gone Again!

Where does it go? Why does it go so fast?

Saturday, Tool was at Guides. "I'm a GUide Get me OUt of here". At Netherauchendrain! And Yes that is a real place, and there are the MOST beautiful houses in there. This is one of the Cheaper ones! And it is still Way too Far out of our reach!

I was in bed for most of the morning. Thundery Sky, led to my head being very very sore. It didn't matter how many pills It took it stayed there all day.

I managed to drag myself up in the afternoon, and went down town with Si for a few bits and bobs and a quick chank around the square.

We just sat and stagnated on Saturday night. Watching Pap TV. Heaven's it couldn't get much worse.

Sunday was much better. Lovely Sunny Skies. Si and I bounced (well I did),... Si did his usual slow stagger. Heh heh.

We went and got our shopping, and then headed home, had breakfast, headed back out for soil for the plant pots and then came home and potter round garden all day.

Gran came out for tea, and we sat about enjoying the sunshine.

I finished my weekend by watching Heroes. I love Heroes. I do I Do I do.

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