Friday, May 02, 2008

The Friday 5

The Friday 5

How do you feel about spicy food?

Neither One Way Or The Other. On One Hand I like it, on the other hand, if it is tooo hot, it distresses me.

What kinds of condiments do you add to food in order to spice things up a bit?

I add Jam to bacon butties. I add Salt and Vinegar Crisps to Bread. I add Cheese to Meat. I know none of these are condiments, but I'm not very lateral in the cooking department. Is Sweet Chili sauce a condiment? I add that to Macaroni.

Not counting salt and pepper, what’s your favorite flavor enhancer when cooking?

Sweet Chili Sauce. defo. With Crispy Beef, With macaroni, With Curry. Oh, And I love Coriander, again, not a condiment..... but lovely in it's own little grassy way.

What’s the spiciest food you’ve ever eaten?

One of Si's "mild" curries. He made it, insisted it was lovely, and then me and poor Tool sat and tears streamed down our faces cause it was burning the lining from our oesophagus. Si and the boy were fine tho. But Boy would eat anything. Mainly because he's a tory.

In what way might some other aspect of your daily life be spiced up, and what’s keeping that from happening right now?

How might my life be spiced up. If I won the lottery - that would spice things up. If Christof Lambert came in to the office and flirted with me....

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  1. Hot food just for the sake of being hot and having it burn you is totally no fun. I agree with you on that. =-)

    Good luck on the weight loss and congrats on the 8 pounds gone so far!