Sunday, May 11, 2008

I just can't get you out of my head

All weekend.

I had a bit of stress situation on Friday.......and that I think maybe triggered the migraine. It was there when I went to bed, and there when I woke up on Saturday.

Then I had to take Boy up to Coltness, for his NT Team Selection Day's Training. We were leaving Tool to do his paper round, and discovered that the inserts weren't there. So Boy told Tool to do the papers and come back and collect the inserts. We got a panic phone call from Tool at 9.05 to say that she didn't have time to collect the last of the papers and get ready for her day out. She was off to Loudon Castle with the Guides... and was leaving in 30 minutes. I stopped the car, calmed her down, and then phoned mum who heroically drove round, got her organised and finished the papers - and seen her off to Loudon.

Boy and Me, collected Ryan, and we completed the journey to Coltness. I set off back to Glasgow, visited the bank, and spent a lovely hour wandering thru Border. I found the best book in the world. "All Cats have Aspergers Syndrom", Is a beautiful picture book comparing the symptoms of Aspergers in children to the behaviour of cats. I was mesmerised.

Then I headed off to The Fort in the east end of Glasgow and visited... Borders. I love Book Shops, I do I Do I do. This Borders were having a High School Musical Day.... cue loads of weans in High School Musical pyjamas / t-shirts / pom poms. Running about Singing "All In this ToGether", or" What Time is it" and practising cheer leading. All great fun.

There are too many books about. I could quite happily live in the bookshop for ever and ever and ever. Hence my need to Open "Aurora Borealis Buck Bean Smoothie Books".

I found another book. "How to have Great Ideas". I think I should have bought it.

anyways, good bimble, and upstairs for a Dulce Du Laite Frappacino. Yummsers. Except A BIT filling.

After another roam around all the shops - including the farmers market, I headed back to the car and headed back to Coltness. I stopped off as ASDA and picked Steven up some Salad and drinks. He is always starving and thirsty when he comes out of training.

I had to wait maybe 30 minutes for them to finish. I had to go in, because I was bursting for the toilet. I hate going in because I don't want to distract him, but I had to. They had all just finished, so Me divinginto the toilet was the best thing. I don't know about these boys... they are too free with their divesting themselves of their clothes when they have finished playing.

Anyways, eventually we got home.... and Tool was waiting for us, exhausted after a tiring day. She headed up to bed for a sleep.

We had tea, boy headed out with his mates, and me and Tool sat and watched bad Saturday TV.

We all slept late on Sunday - Well I woke at 6, and my head was killing me, so I headed down and took a pill. I woke at 8, and it was still there, and then finally got up at 10. I went shopping came back and took more pills. and sat out in the garden for a bit. The head was slowly grinding me down.

Tools went off with Laurie to visit her gran, I can't actually remember what else I did - my head was completely blanked out.

Si came home -he had a lovely weekend with the other Scout Leaders...... hmmmm. Not. He was exhausted from exertion, I was exhausted from keeping my head on.

Then We had the Awful News. Nant had fell over and mum had to run her to hospital, - She's now back home with plaster cast on, and all we can think about is .... how is she going to wipe her bum! Take care Nanty...... And Nunk.... Don't be running about too much.......Please phone if you need us.

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