Monday, July 30, 2007

And So We Face the Final Curtain

O M G Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I can't believe it.

Am finished. Am glad am finished, and Sad at the same time.

I will have to start all over again!

Hey Smeaton is on the Telly! He went back to work....


That's cheered me up.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Baby... we were born to run

Aha! I've been out this morning and got slut nails on. how gorg. Eh? Eilidh got hers done. Very nice and elegant, but I just thought, no I want the full monty. I mean if you are going to get extensions get the extensions that everyone will notice!!! ha ha ha

Is a gorgeous day. Sun is shining and the breeze is gentle. Eilidh and me are just away out birthday shopping. She likes that.

Si is down at the Scout hut, playing at DIY. Sad sad sad. Hey ho, such is life.
Stevo Still away.... coverage on the TV tonight..... wonder if we willl see him?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bye Bye Baby, Baby Bye Bye

i HAVE No Plans pour les Weekends, well excepting for the No. One Daughter's manicure at 9 am and my extensions at 11.30, and Harry Potter about 4 pm, and something loverly to eat on Saturday evening.

No One Son has gone away to Scout Jamboree which I'm exceedingly happy about. He has already text me and informed me that he has played Brazil at Football and won 1-5, and had a concert with Lemar and Liberty X and JK. Does life get any better for a 15 year old?

My wee Danes have gone home. Maja and Celine have been staying with us prior to attending the Jamboree, and although since monday we haven't been able to jobby or fart in the house, it does seem very quiet without them. Maja and Celine are lovely people and are heading off for wherever the Jamboree Is (is that a sign of a bad mother , that I don't actually know where my son is?), I've told them they can come back anytime, and that they can infact bash my son when they see him! Tee Hee.

Aw.Isn't life good. I think so!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

ooooh Heaven... Is a Place on Earth

Called Shuna, and apart from the Ticks. it most certainly is. West of Scotland main land is too noisy and full of people for me. I need outside fresh air. Defo. I never coughed once while I was away and I threw up this morning like normal for here. Not pleased. Obviously something in the house getting to me, but not the Cat, because She died last year.

Buggar, just had a thought, no 1 Son has been away last two years, and both years, one of our cats died, he's just away last night. Hope the Rabbits survive til he comes home, or he is seriously going to believe that we are killing his pets. He is away for 2 weeks at the Scout Jamboree. We had a lovely Going Away for them Last night at Eglinton Country Park. We took our Danes (Maja and Selene) and they were able to meet up with their friends - with much laughing and hugging and kissing (which they seem to do a lot). There was a buffet laid on. Initially I thought it was only Flat Sausage and Rolls with Irn Bru, but they actually had Oatcakes, pate, Cheese, Shortbread, Haggis!! Yep, Neeps and Tatties" Potato Scones and Cake. Two very very large cakes! Amazing. We stuffed ourselves and then headed home. No 1 Son left with the scouts at about 9.30. Scream abuse at Leader that he had booked too small a coach for them, and to be honest, it was. About 20 of them, each with 4 foot long packs and 4 foot long rucksacks squished into a Mini Bus. It was too much. They were swapping buses at Motherwell, so hopefully a better bus was organised for them. He text at 7.30 this morning to say they were officially the FIRST ARRIVALS. Is all being televised on Saturday night, so maybe I'll see my boy on the TV!

Anyways, been back at work 3½ days now. Is killing me. So Tired. Really looking forward to the weekend. Is No One Daughter's birthday weekend, and on Saturday, am taking her for a manicure at 9 am. Then we will do a wee bit of shopping, maybe lunch, or perhaps we will wait til Tea Time to take her out to dinner. She doesn't ask for much, just love and attention, like a wee flower and then she blossums. My wee petal.

Lil Devil, is on holiday herself this week, and is spending much time, sniffing tablet. I posted her some to make her happy. She is pining for Totyl, or maybe she is pining for the BAD boy from last week! I know not, she is quite quiet about what bothers her, but something is. Maybe I need to send her something else. She also wants a boob job as she has declared that her boobs are like pyramid teabags! Bit strange. Haven't seen them naked so can't possibly comment, but they look fine in clothes. Maybe is over-reacting.

Lil Devil also sent me a wee parcel to make me happy upon my return from holidays. In it were two little men, called Bob and Graham. (Seriously they were called Hans and Mike, but that sounds a bit too foreign eh? Bob and Graham far better). This is them both here. Graham was visiting Bob in his box (Bob's box is blue), but normally they live in separate boxes but do pop in to visit each other quite regularly. Normally they are quite friendly, but on the odd occassion punches have been known to be thrown. Normally after one or the other has poo'd or farted on the other one. Is very amuzing. So much so that I had to take them home or I would have spent all day watching them playing with each other and not done any work!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm Back, I'm Back, As A Matter of Fact.... I'm Back

From Shuna.

What a joy. Now, there are too many people in my street. We moved here because compared to where we were before, it was lovely and quiet. Now, here, with 15 Houses, there are 14 too many.

Idylic cottage on the shores of a Loch, 7 minute walk (no cars) to the next cottage, another 7 minutes til the next one, and even further for the third one. Was perfect. Wanted to stay.

Have sun burn. Hole in my nose, head and cheek. Is all gorgeous! Bunnies are pleased to see us, and we are pleased to see them. We could take them with us. No foxes in Shuna.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Every Time You Go Away

To a wee island off the coast of Scotland. Am soo looking forward to it.

Wee-Devil has been a Bad Person. Tee Hee. Boy does she keep me amused. I can't tell you what she did, but is tres amusing! I'm sitting here grinning at the thought of it. Hee Hee.

Ha ha - She has just warned me not to mention it. I think seriously that she is having me on. A BIG wind up. She does that sometimes. You are never sure where you are with her. She says everything with the same expression.... kinda, demented you know?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bet that you look good on the dance floor

Heh Heh.... were's the link. Arctic Monkeys!

We were at the Zoo. What a brill day we have had. Totally knackered now. I had to get up at 7 to pick mum up at 8 to take her to the airport.

She is heading to Canada for a Troon Reunion. Excellent Fun All Round. When we arrived at the Airport, I was keeping my eyes open for The Smeatonator but I couldn't spy him anywhere. Loads of Hi-Vis Jackets, but none with red stripes! Could see the door where the stupid terrorists tried to blow themselves up. We found out that mum's flight was delayed for 1½ hours, and then it was delayed for another hour. So we sat with her and had a coffee and then she went to the departure lounge. Me and No One Daughter were glad to be getting out of the airport!
So we headed off to Edinburgh Zoo. It was an easy ride... no hold ups anywhere, straight into the Zoo by 11.30.

We seen everything I believe, my feet are flipping killing me, my legs are aching. Some of those animals are the cutest ever. Seriously Cuteness. We need to actually buy the zoo and have them all. They have Koala's now. They were sleeping up the tree, but they were most defo Koalas. I'd love to have a cuddle, but the Koala expert says that it stresses them out. In London Zoo all the Koalas they allowed folk to pet, died of stress related illnesses, so I decided to leave them where they were. Awww. So Cute.

When we left.... a good 5 hours after we arrived, we headed back to Livingston to trade-in some of the things Eilidh bought on Sunday and then changed her mind about. it was very quiet when we arrived, I was quite worried that maybe it was closing, but it wasn't it was all good. We flew into the shops, and then doubled back on ourselves, when I realized Mad Israeli woman was still there selling Dead Sea Salts. So we had to run 3/4 of the way round the centre, because the shops we wanted to return to were only round the corner from her!

Eilidh traded in the trousers which she felt were too tight (not), for a pair of dungaree shorts, and traded in the Dungarees for the trousers which she thought were too tight! Brilliant eh? So we swapped the same things round in different shops! All good. Eilidh's happy, and that's what counts.

So I uploaded the photos, I'm off to have a cup of tea and then I'm heading to bed early!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Rip It Up and start again

Oh Wow. How drunk was I last night? I've even discovered I've been on Ebay bidding for dresses! Flip. Hope I don't win them!

Feeling slightly rough this morning, but I think I'll be okay shortly. Am just going to hit the shower, and then I'm going to head over to Dobbies Garden Centre, see if they have water trainers. We were trying to get them yesterday in Livingston, but didn't have them in the size for No 1 Son.

We have to organise the bed for the HOHO people this week. Mum is going to Niagra this week and we'll have to get Iain's help to move the bed over from her house!

I can't believe I've got two weeks now... lovely. I'm going to enjoy every minute.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

I love the sound of breaking glass

Except when it's my wine glasses, I always break my wine glasses and I hate doing that. I love my wine glasses.

We went to some retail park today.,,,, I can't remember it's name, McArthur Park, McArthur Glen, O jeesus, don't know...... And we shopped and shopped. I nearly bought within the first two minutes thru the door. A lovely Isralie woman stopped me and washed my hands with Dead Sea Oils. ... was lovely, Si text me and said, "DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT WOMAN". I couldnt' believe it. Madmad. I was going to buy a bottle. Treat my feet.

Then the kids bought tops, trousers, shoes, tops, etc. etc., and Simon bought ts and shoes. All good.

I bought a pair of earrings, and I've had to take them out cause my ears are sore. I just felt. A pair of earrings, That would be nice, But no. My ears are still sore. They've been sore, ever since Wilf Bird touched my ears and said "fancy earrings", that put me off wearing earrings ever.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

We Don't Have to take Our

First Day of Holidays. Am so excited. Nothing planned, except a visit to Xscape, and Edinburgh Zoo. Rest of the time taking it easy, til we go to Shuna next Saturday. Am sooooo looking forward to it. No Electricity and catching fishes for our tea! Fantastic. Can't wait!

No 1 son has just come in from 10 mile cycle, I reckon.... all the way to Irvine and back. Him and his mate have been out every morning this week, either Cycling or Running. Wish I had the energy, although am going to make it a priority when we come back from our holidays!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lets Face the Music

and dance.

Up at Centrestage tonight, helping behind the scenes with Sacrifice. What a joy it is to be with these kids! I wasn't really feeling like it, but once you are there, their enthusiasm wins you over.

They all knew exactly what they were doing, where they should be and what they should be wearing. Great Kids. A credit to their parents... and to Heather and Ian's time.

And now, I just logged in to check my email after doing a 15 minute distant healing for my Nant. She isn't sleeping too well. It felt like I made a good connection. Hopefully she'll have a great nights sleep and she'll maybe have a proper session.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Tide is high

And the boaties are all bobbing about in a gentle breeze.

I've got 2 days and 6 hours of work left and then nothing for 2 weeks. I can't believe it. Also - I'm sitting doing this when I should be trying to catch up on all my work. My tray is still full to over flowing and I have cheques to write and invoices to produce. Still I'm positive I'll get most of it done by the time I finish.

Wow - just had a hot flush there. keep forgetting to take the hormones. Must remember tonight.

Have just sent 422 letters out in a mailshot. Have had 36 back, 25 undeliverable, 1 potentially dangerous, 1 returned, 3 out of offices. 1 mail System error, 1 mimesweeper, 4 Mail delivery failed. Pretty Cool eh, which means only 4 of them were poor addresses. The rest are being blocked.

What ever did we do without electronic mail?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We Don't Need another hero....

Unless it's John Smeaton......

Who seen the Terrorists Trying to attack Strathclyde Police, and "mon, ye dinnae dae that, so ah jist whacked im like"

Check out his web site!

Buy him a pint! I Did.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Just another manic Monday

Wish it was Sunday, because then I wouldn't be going to work in the morning! Excellent!

Anyways, Mondays are always a bit manic. Too busy for words, and a pile of paper which just seems to grow and grow.

Husband still away, missing him like mad. Am pathetic creature. I was sitting at lunchtime really sad because he wasn't around to talk to. Then I thought, I don't talk to him while I'm at work anyways.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oh My Gawd, I can't Believe it.....

Wasn't a jolly jap gone wrong. We have terrorists in Glasgow. Not Good. Apparently another bomb was diffused outside the hospital where the injured terrorist is being treated.

I'm having great fun imagining what the nurses and doctors are doing to him and his burns. "oops, that dressing needs changed" .... and ripping it off like a fresh plaster. Pouring Salt on maybe?

Why is he being treated, should he not be sitting in a police cell living with the pain his actions have caused? He wanted to die, so let him suffer a wee bitty more before he gets to Nirvana with his 52 virgins!!!

Yeah, and I betcha he was living the life of a true devotee... no alcohol... or woman. Yeah, right!