Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bet that you look good on the dance floor

Heh Heh.... were's the link. Arctic Monkeys!

We were at the Zoo. What a brill day we have had. Totally knackered now. I had to get up at 7 to pick mum up at 8 to take her to the airport.

She is heading to Canada for a Troon Reunion. Excellent Fun All Round. When we arrived at the Airport, I was keeping my eyes open for The Smeatonator but I couldn't spy him anywhere. Loads of Hi-Vis Jackets, but none with red stripes! Could see the door where the stupid terrorists tried to blow themselves up. We found out that mum's flight was delayed for 1½ hours, and then it was delayed for another hour. So we sat with her and had a coffee and then she went to the departure lounge. Me and No One Daughter were glad to be getting out of the airport!
So we headed off to Edinburgh Zoo. It was an easy ride... no hold ups anywhere, straight into the Zoo by 11.30.

We seen everything I believe, my feet are flipping killing me, my legs are aching. Some of those animals are the cutest ever. Seriously Cuteness. We need to actually buy the zoo and have them all. They have Koala's now. They were sleeping up the tree, but they were most defo Koalas. I'd love to have a cuddle, but the Koala expert says that it stresses them out. In London Zoo all the Koalas they allowed folk to pet, died of stress related illnesses, so I decided to leave them where they were. Awww. So Cute.

When we left.... a good 5 hours after we arrived, we headed back to Livingston to trade-in some of the things Eilidh bought on Sunday and then changed her mind about. it was very quiet when we arrived, I was quite worried that maybe it was closing, but it wasn't it was all good. We flew into the shops, and then doubled back on ourselves, when I realized Mad Israeli woman was still there selling Dead Sea Salts. So we had to run 3/4 of the way round the centre, because the shops we wanted to return to were only round the corner from her!

Eilidh traded in the trousers which she felt were too tight (not), for a pair of dungaree shorts, and traded in the Dungarees for the trousers which she thought were too tight! Brilliant eh? So we swapped the same things round in different shops! All good. Eilidh's happy, and that's what counts.

So I uploaded the photos, I'm off to have a cup of tea and then I'm heading to bed early!



  1. I love allll the photos!!! Where did you meet Robbie? Graham said it looked as you were in the airport....and it looks as tho he was right! That was very exciting.

  2. ha ha ha - Yep. I thought you hadn't got the photo. Was the airport. I was Smeaton Hunting.

    Never seen him. Bummer.

    Robbie was on his way to Norwich, to go offshore to Oil Rig, just back yesterday from Oil Rig Off Aberdeen!

    Met Wilf bird up in Aberdeen last week when he was there.... they are all emigrating to the east coast.