Thursday, July 26, 2007

ooooh Heaven... Is a Place on Earth

Called Shuna, and apart from the Ticks. it most certainly is. West of Scotland main land is too noisy and full of people for me. I need outside fresh air. Defo. I never coughed once while I was away and I threw up this morning like normal for here. Not pleased. Obviously something in the house getting to me, but not the Cat, because She died last year.

Buggar, just had a thought, no 1 Son has been away last two years, and both years, one of our cats died, he's just away last night. Hope the Rabbits survive til he comes home, or he is seriously going to believe that we are killing his pets. He is away for 2 weeks at the Scout Jamboree. We had a lovely Going Away for them Last night at Eglinton Country Park. We took our Danes (Maja and Selene) and they were able to meet up with their friends - with much laughing and hugging and kissing (which they seem to do a lot). There was a buffet laid on. Initially I thought it was only Flat Sausage and Rolls with Irn Bru, but they actually had Oatcakes, pate, Cheese, Shortbread, Haggis!! Yep, Neeps and Tatties" Potato Scones and Cake. Two very very large cakes! Amazing. We stuffed ourselves and then headed home. No 1 Son left with the scouts at about 9.30. Scream abuse at Leader that he had booked too small a coach for them, and to be honest, it was. About 20 of them, each with 4 foot long packs and 4 foot long rucksacks squished into a Mini Bus. It was too much. They were swapping buses at Motherwell, so hopefully a better bus was organised for them. He text at 7.30 this morning to say they were officially the FIRST ARRIVALS. Is all being televised on Saturday night, so maybe I'll see my boy on the TV!

Anyways, been back at work 3½ days now. Is killing me. So Tired. Really looking forward to the weekend. Is No One Daughter's birthday weekend, and on Saturday, am taking her for a manicure at 9 am. Then we will do a wee bit of shopping, maybe lunch, or perhaps we will wait til Tea Time to take her out to dinner. She doesn't ask for much, just love and attention, like a wee flower and then she blossums. My wee petal.

Lil Devil, is on holiday herself this week, and is spending much time, sniffing tablet. I posted her some to make her happy. She is pining for Totyl, or maybe she is pining for the BAD boy from last week! I know not, she is quite quiet about what bothers her, but something is. Maybe I need to send her something else. She also wants a boob job as she has declared that her boobs are like pyramid teabags! Bit strange. Haven't seen them naked so can't possibly comment, but they look fine in clothes. Maybe is over-reacting.

Lil Devil also sent me a wee parcel to make me happy upon my return from holidays. In it were two little men, called Bob and Graham. (Seriously they were called Hans and Mike, but that sounds a bit too foreign eh? Bob and Graham far better). This is them both here. Graham was visiting Bob in his box (Bob's box is blue), but normally they live in separate boxes but do pop in to visit each other quite regularly. Normally they are quite friendly, but on the odd occassion punches have been known to be thrown. Normally after one or the other has poo'd or farted on the other one. Is very amuzing. So much so that I had to take them home or I would have spent all day watching them playing with each other and not done any work!

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  1. OMG i have shaky shoulders, aww man cant believe you took them home,they were supposed to calm you in work, be your friends, who dont speak to you...awww. Bob Smith & Graham Dibble yes??