Sunday, July 08, 2007

I love the sound of breaking glass

Except when it's my wine glasses, I always break my wine glasses and I hate doing that. I love my wine glasses.

We went to some retail park today.,,,, I can't remember it's name, McArthur Park, McArthur Glen, O jeesus, don't know...... And we shopped and shopped. I nearly bought within the first two minutes thru the door. A lovely Isralie woman stopped me and washed my hands with Dead Sea Oils. ... was lovely, Si text me and said, "DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT WOMAN". I couldnt' believe it. Madmad. I was going to buy a bottle. Treat my feet.

Then the kids bought tops, trousers, shoes, tops, etc. etc., and Simon bought ts and shoes. All good.

I bought a pair of earrings, and I've had to take them out cause my ears are sore. I just felt. A pair of earrings, That would be nice, But no. My ears are still sore. They've been sore, ever since Wilf Bird touched my ears and said "fancy earrings", that put me off wearing earrings ever.



  1. Ahh Mr Bird. He could turn up at your boat place you know. He likes boats. And he knows Robin Halliday.

  2. Is it really the wine glasses that you love.....or the liquid they contain?