Saturday, July 28, 2007

Baby... we were born to run

Aha! I've been out this morning and got slut nails on. how gorg. Eh? Eilidh got hers done. Very nice and elegant, but I just thought, no I want the full monty. I mean if you are going to get extensions get the extensions that everyone will notice!!! ha ha ha

Is a gorgeous day. Sun is shining and the breeze is gentle. Eilidh and me are just away out birthday shopping. She likes that.

Si is down at the Scout hut, playing at DIY. Sad sad sad. Hey ho, such is life.
Stevo Still away.... coverage on the TV tonight..... wonder if we willl see him?


  1. what'd ya buy what'd ya buy????
    HappY BirthdaY EilidH!!

    How was Harry Potter??????

  2. I bought a pair of sandals which were too small (she gave me the wrong box I think), A pair of earrings and necklace, and Eilidh got a couple of tops. not much all in all tho!.

  3. I did the Harry Ptter thing last weekend... bliss! Just me the dogs and a book to lose myself in. Hope you're well!


  4. Aw Sirius... No Mowar.... You know what, Gary Oldman always dies, bad choice casting him,,,,, you just knew it eh?

    the book... Ihave about 100 pages left to read.

  5. You are being suspiciously quiet. Am thinking you have taken up secret hobby.....origami or the like. Doing a really hard sudoko? Or been arrested for GBH against certain individuals?