Monday, May 26, 2008

My little song will keep you beside me

Monday again. The weekends just fly fly fly.

The boys were gone. Si to Camp At Barskimming, which is the Ancestral Pile of Lord Strathclyde of Barskimming. Seriously. Lord and Lady Strathclyde made a visit. I'm not sure that the kids, or the leaders very overwhelmed. But that's life for you.

Boy No 1, was at Scottish Open Volleyball Tournament in Perth. He was staying over with Danny. He wouldn't give me Danny's phone number. I got an address. Which was something I suppose. But my point of keeping contact was highlighted, when on Saturday afternoon he suffered a dislocated thumb.......and then his phone Died! humph. Yeah, right. So he's big enough and bad enough. He looked after himself!

Me and Baby went shopping on SAturday. IS only 4 weeks til she heads off to Swizzerland. I think she is all sorted, and the brace has settled in. If anything, she has become more confident since she had it placed. I thought she would become more quiet. No. that has not happened!

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  1. Maybe one day I will be Lady Renfrew.