Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ooo, you make me live ...............

I didn't mean what I said about K last night. I love K.

She did something mentally funny to me, and I was reeling in shock at my stupidity at being taken in.

She stalked me to a games room, met up with me, and then started putting some very strange comments my way. I was freaking. I thought weirdo was coming on to me. Foreign Female Weirdo. Of course I was talking to K at the same time and telling her what weirdo was saying....

She was helpless, I can just imagine her sitting there trying to play scrabble with me, pretending to be freak, and chatting to me on another screen. Oh Jeesus.

It got better, I was so freaked by her that I reported her to the administrator. When I told her that she freaked and admitted it was her... I couldn't believe it, we were screaming over the internet at each other. O M G - now that I have recovered from the shock of being come on to by French Lesbean I can see how funny it was, but at the time I thought I was so being stalked.

She does make me laugh!!!

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  1. Given that you have posted evil Grinch-like photo of me I will now consider us EVEN.