Friday, February 08, 2008

They’re lighting up the sky tonight

Friday 5

When did you last use graphing paper?

I use Graphing Paper to demonstrate the Value of Linear Graphing in calculation of variables in Simultaneous equations. I don't do this as pastime - I was trying to help Eilidh with her Algebra Homework. Heaven's it was hard work, but I felt a real sense of achievement when I finally figured out what was going on.

When did you last use a highlighter?

I use Highlighter at work, to draw my attention to things, ie., the circles in numbers on my calendar, the holes in D's, and O's. Sometimes I colour my finger nails in with the orange highlighter - that produces an interesting effect, but not as interesting as colouring your nails in with typex and then drawing faces on them with a black signature pen!

When did you last cover a book?

Probably 3 years ago. I covered books for the kids at primary school, and then in First year, but then Eilidh discovered a talent for covering books and took over in a big way. I am redundant as book coverer.

When did you last wear an apron or smock?
I wear an apron to wash the dishes, because without fail, every day I wash the dishes and pour water all down my front. I try very hard not to, but it is almost as if the water is drawn to my belly - probably attracted by all the water I retain in my belly!

When did you last use glue?
I used glue on Thursday, which was the last day I was at work. I love glue. I go thru about 3 pritt sticks a month. I stick everyone's receipts on to scrap paper. So that I can read them clearly without them being in envelopes and stapled together. I am very organised. Additionally, I love the relaxation of glueing and sticking.


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