Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pull me offa my knees

Get Back....Come on Before we crack....

This is Not What We look like - multiply the age by 3 (at least) multiply the body weight by 3 (at least), and make all the dancers not dance in time. - We've got the tune, we 've got the moves, we just don't do them in the right order!

Ha ha ha Tap Tonight.

I missed one night, last week, in a full year of Tap and bloody hell. They obviously think that we have become Kevin Bacon over the weekend. shit. That's all I can say. There are five or six new starts and they just stood their tonight... mouths open, and they were there last week..... What was I going to do.

What I do best. Freestyle. Just dance..... Like No one is watching.



  1. Is that the routine you're learning?
    Holy crap.

  2. no ours is more harder.

  3. Lol you made me spit crisps. More harder.