Saturday, January 05, 2008

I believe that fate has brought us here................

I had lunch today with the loverly K.

She is completely bonkers. Totally.

Finally told me something about someone which she hadn't told me before. She seemed to think that I would know that I had known... but I didn't, I trusted what she had said before. She is truly aff her bonce. Seriously. However, now I do know, and I can chuckle quite happily. I won't do anything with the information....I'm not a bad person, seriously I'm not. But at least I have a name to the face. Not the name i'm used to, but it is the right name now.

Our meal was loverly. I had the best calamares ever..... then penne marco polo - which was penne pasta with duck in a plum sauce.; Scrummy scrummy; then believe it or not....... tiramisu. It was all gorgeous. And I ate it all. Every last morsal. Well I lie, I left about 8 pieces of penne, but that was all okay, because I ate, the duck and the sauce and the mushrooms. Fantastic.

Then I had a wee bimble into Braehead, and got nail fixing things, and now I have infilled my nails, and replaced my broken one for the price of £7.00 instead of £5.00 for a new nail and £22 for the infills. Excellent eh? And they are all okay. I am in awe of myself. My nails are fantastical.

Night night.


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  2. Binky bonky faludal poo

  3. I think he is trying to sell me something. Perv