Thursday, January 10, 2008

When all the colors will bleed into one

I finally found what I've been looking for.

£89,000. Was quite a lot of money. I knew basically where it was. I just couldn't prove it. Is very difficult to try and prove when you are speaking to a bunch of bankers on one side, and ce french peeople on t'other. Mmm.

Anyways. I found it. It is where it is supposed to be right now, and everyone is happy. Well sort of. It was gone for 4 weeks. We weren't getting interest, our supplier wasn't releasing documents, our customer couldn't take the product. All very sad. However, I will nag people until I find out where it all went.

I'm thinking about having a walk tonight, but after a gorgeous plate of Risotto, (*Yes K, Risotto - since you wont let me have it for eating when we go out), I have to have it when we are home. I now actually feel like having a wee sleep. I'm thinking that I will just nip over and have a wee snooze on Si's lap.

Yawn... Eye's shutting.... here I go.


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