Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles

For one of your smiles.

And so the keep fit regime continues.

I had sat on the couch with my risotto, (yum) and thought, "now I could go to bed". However, I thought I should go and check my mum. I was going to walk, then I decided to drive. Then my honey said "I'll walk with you". So I decided to walk again.

We walked over the golf course which wasn't the best idea in the world. Golf Course, night time, Dark, Puddles, Whin Bushes. The Stars were glorious - and we stopped to look at them rather than try and walk and look at the same time, which tended to make me step in puddles.

Mars is in the Sky in the just above Orien, and it is soooooo bright. Lovely. I haven't had time lately to just stand and look at the stars. I should.


Don't my honey look gorgeous in his bunnet!

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