Monday, January 14, 2008

C'mon honey, let's go make some noise

No Manicness today. Had a lovely day off. My lovely husband was going into work, but decided to phone in for his flexiday after realising the consuming 3 bottles of wine between us (he drunk one himself), was not the best idea on a Sunday night and he was feeling pretty groggy.

he seen off the kids, and then came back to bed, and the pair of us snuggled up, and went back to sleep until 11. It was lovely. I crawled out of bed - back still sore, however I have to report that after 1 bottle of wine it was feeling great. I had an eggy sandwich and then showered and put a new heat pack on. It is lovely. Is like a belt with a magic hot bottle stuck on the back. Am very very attached to it, almost as good as my ear muffs!.

We've just come back in from a lovely walk to the town. I figured it made sense to walk would be better to sit and be uncomfortable. My back was fine til the slight incline on the way home. Lifting my legs for that was uncomfortable on my back, but that wasn't bad. Must have been 4.5 miles easy. Which is cool!

And, I've just heard that Davina's DVD is on its way to me, so bounding around of an evening is going to start.

boy Day Time TV is bouf.

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  1. phew, if I have a bottle of wine, I'm definitely a 'no fly zone' in the morning...all best stay away!! :DD

    as it is, I've enjoyed a glass or three of Zinfandel tonite...just wanted to stop by and say, howdy! :)