Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Your clothes are clean and your mind is productive

So productive in fact that you are driving yourself insane. What you really need to do, is START setting up that business.

Work at setting up a home business, work at it in the evenings and weekends until you have it going and a small customer base and then go for it. Pack the job in and work for yourself.

Buy up a stash of stuff at wholesale prices and sell it on line. See what sells and concentrate on that.

Use your savings to start this. Why not? you said you aren't going to move.

Post man isn't going to like you very much - you might need a garage space - so that he isn't climbing 4 stories with all your packages.

Or why not sell crap.... betterware, avon, that health food pap?

Once you've got it going, you can employ me. We'll set up, with offices near COSTA and go for it?

Why not? You Only Live once.


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