Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Sight of You Leaves Me Weak.........

Okay Cathmel.....

I'm beginning to see where you are coming from. He is appearing more and more on TV and his patter is uncontrollable. I was just watching him on Big Brother... (I watched alan cumming and then I watched him. I WON'T be watching again). He is really really amusing - he thinks too. You can see that. .

I bought my mum his BookyWook for Christmas. Think I'll have to borrow it off her and have a wee read thru.

Tonight I did 9 minutes on my side stepper. Jesus. Good thing was tho, that I had my MP3 player on which made the time go. Only problem was I had my back to the door, so Stevo kept coming in and giving me a major fright when I caught sight of him.

Also did 2 sets of 20 sit ups. Am feeling positive!

Oaft. Have to go to bed now. Si and Steven are watching Hugh Ferninly Whittingstal kill chickens again. I can't stand it. I can't buy the chickens on the supermarket shelves, 2 for a £5. If I buy a chicken I have to go for the Happy Free Range Chick.... Si hasn't actually noticed that I haven't been buying chicken much these days. Fillets I can cope with..... I can't relate that to a real chicken. Which is maybe bad, no it is bad. But I like the taste of chicken. oh buggar. I'm thinking maybe I can't eat chicken again! Oaft. Hell's teeth. How difficult is this? I love Cows too? Maybe I need to turn Veggie?


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  1. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Oaft you gave me the double bolk.