Saturday, January 12, 2008

flood the world deep in sunlight.................

I worked today. I'm not fussy about working the weekends, except that I get the day off in lieu. It was quite busy today. Folk coming in and out. It's a nice part of the job. Chatting to the Customers in the Marina. I think it is kind of like working in a holiday resort.

Everyone is still a bit upset about the death on Thursday/Friday. A poor woman threw herself into the harbour at the Calmac Ferry Terminal and washed up on the beach in the morning.

It was such a beautiful day on Friday.

I kept thinking to myself, if only she had waited until the morning, until the sun came up and new day started. Everything is always better in the morning. A cold harbour in the dark is no place to be when you are sad. Even the beach would have been better.... not somewhere that is dark, full of dark corners, and cold water. How awful must she have been feeling to think that the deep cold sea would be better than life. Having feelings no matter how sore they were, must surely be better than nothing at all.

Awful Awful Sad. Her poor family.

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