Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I've got another confession to make..................

I'm no fool.

I had family dinner tonight.

Was lovely. My babies..... the eldest of whom was recovered from the excess cider from the night before..... My littlest baby, who is the most sensible, intelligent, grown up Lady in the whole wild world (and definitely in this house). My Honey, who did ALL the work (excepting the soup.... which I made.. {actually my soup was a bit non-eventful}), the salmon, the fillet, the thingies..... cheesecake and .... a praline chocolate brownie type thing......., Mum,. Iain, Nant and Nunk.

Then we played Wii. Ha ha What a laugh.

It was brilliant. Steven created little mii's for everyone - well Iain,. Nunk and Nant - cause the rest of us had them... Imagine, Nunk - at 84, being Sonic........running a race... wait til I download the photos. Excellent. Everyone was happy, we were all laughing.

It was lovely.


1. Will practise my Reiki
2. Will make sure I get my jogging up to 60 minutes.
3. Will be slim and Gorgeous by April. So I bloody will, watch and enjoy.



  1. Does Steven have Wii Fit? Am wondering if I should buy that.

  2. Wii fit? haven't heard of that?

    Are you playing with it? I thought It was James'

  3. James isnt getting it until:

    1. He's paid me for it
    2. He's bought a telly
    3. He's moved into his flat