Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday..... I'm in love

I got to the end of another week. Am knackered. Seriously knackered. I've worked really hard all week, and I'm not quite thru all my work, and I've still got stacks of things to do which aren't in my tray. Bummer.

I just remembered there that I threw a wobbler in the Papershop while Steven was away, I was getting phone calls saying that people were complaining that they weren't getting their papers... but I knew there were all, so I was demanding names!! tee hee. However, I went round and spoke to all his customers on the Monday night, and everyone of them was so nice about Stevo that I was nearly greeting with happiness when I got home. It is so lovely to hear people say nice things about your kids!

Eilidh is having hormonal trouble just now. She is pocessed by the spirit of a big blood demon and hates people coming near her, however I have told her if she just gets out there and forgets about it, it will be okay - Act happy, and she'll be happy. Is very difficult. She won't tell her pal what is up with her, so when they left there, I screamed out the door after her. 'are you sure you don't need a painkiller', and she glared at me, and then I shouted, 'it's perfectly natural' and her pal finally realised what was happening!! Hopefully Eilidh will be a wee bitty more relaxed now.

have just been away ..... there is like a twenty minute gap between that paragraph and this one. Si is away to a Scout Leaders Meeting and wanted a run, just in case he was going to go to the pub afterwards! Ho Hum. So here I am all on my ownsome.

Just emailed Lil-Devil see if she wanted to come out and play. Since we live about 37 miles apart, it doesn't seem likely.

Wonder if she is seeing Elephant Man tonight ?



  1. I am NEVER seeing Elephant Man. I wouldnt ever put myself through that again. Unless he offered a pizza or something. I lurrrve food.

  2. what r u like!

    I think secretly the trunk did something for you.

    Oi. I did another comic. i forgot to send it to you. I'll remember tomorrow, is on the MAC