Sunday, August 05, 2007

Didn't We Have a Lovely Day the Day we went to


No Lunch on the way, but a couple of Starbucks Mocha's (For Me), because Kerry had problems with her train and we had to wait for her so I drunk hers too. Kirst and Me sat in George Square for a bit and got a suntan and then we were squished up close and personal with a gang of lads going thru to Edinburgh for the Fringe all the Way. NO Seats, So Kirsty's pack lunch (M&S Muffins, Cappucino Bars, Percy Pigs and M&S Crisps were all wasted [at that point]). - More of that later.

Edinburgh was lovely. As always. After getting off the train, we contemplated the Dungeons but decided against it because we were too scared.

The Royal Mile was brilliant full of Street Entertainers and a Flat Rainbow. Seriously. Look at it. Isn't that excellent.

We went up to the Castle and took the tour. After We got searched!!! Seriously, there was a big trailing queue (with no one in it), and we had to open our bags and let them look in. Bummer. Anyways, we got in and joined the group for the guided tour. John Was our guide.

This is him leading another group up to the castle once we were on our way out. He was hysterical. Doesn't think much of the Governments ideal of Political Correctness! tee hee. He was VERY knowledgeable about the castle and told us everything we needed to know. After the tour we headed in to the Crown Jewels Exhibition and were duly impressed. What impressed us even more was the Birthing Room of Queen Mary..... there was graffiti on the wall... but dated 1817... I asked the guide and she said "yup" was indeed graffiti dating back to 1800's. Soldiers used to be barracked there. I can't believe it. I thought graffiti was a late 20th Century thing.

After the castle we headed back down the Royal Mile and wandered down to the Grassmarket, and headed to the Last Drop Pub and had a bowl of Soup and some bread while I threw a vodka down Wee-Devil! Had to be done. Was very warm.

After the Grassmarket, we headed for cocktails back up on the Royal Mile. Filling Station got our custom and we were fascinated by a woman bringing in a bag of chips and a bottle of coke to eat beside her husband who was in for a pint!!

Can you believe the cheek of her! We had two jugs of Cocktails - Fun on the Beach, and something else. The first one was best!! Can't remember was the second was.

We went down to the Dungeons after that . O M G How could we have been scared. The only thing I'd be scared of if I went again, would be not having a clean pair of pants to change into after pee'ing myself. Seriously, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I thought I was going to expire listening to the lunatics behave like characters from Scotland's History. Absolutely Brilliant.

next we went to Mary Kings (Or Kiani, as Wee-Devil calls it), Close . It was interesting, but not half as entertaining as The Dungeon. The Close is a city beneath the city. Closes up to 12 stories high were built within the walls of Edinburgh. No space for the city to grow out, so it grew up. But the Closes were sealed off after an outbreak of plague and the City Chambers knocked the top few storys off and were built on top. Underneath the City Chambers now, is a maze of closes (wee narrow streets, separating 12 story high buildings - no further apart than perhaps 5 feet. The neighbours could probably have reached out their windows and touched each other!

There was a lovely cold spot in one of the rooms, but unfortunately, moving round with a group of 20 people and a guide, who was trying VERY hard, but not succeeding in winning us over, coupled with the pain in the arse 10 year old know-it-all-yank, it wasn't the best circumstance to stand and examine it. The Closes were much better before they were open to the public - when you had to squeeze thru the archive room of the Council to get into it. Aw Well Progress eh?


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