Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Star So Bright, You Blind Me.....

Okay - So I've Started Walking again. There I was 9.45 last night, hitting the streets. That was on top of the quick jaunt round the marina yesterday. Had a lovely salad for lunch, and ate sensibly at tea time.

Plaster my picture of Gazza up so that it inspires me again......

I was doing really well until my sore arm - not that the sore arm made me not walk - it was the drugs what did it officer. The Anti-inflamitory made me feel sick, and that in turn made me eat and the pain killers made me dizzy so in all honesty - moving around was not the nicest feeling. But look at the lovely sight the greeted me on the way home. My honey doing the ironing. I love looking out to my house from the outside. It makes me all warm and fuzzy.
So anyhows, off I go again, and I'm just back in from a lunch time jaunt around the marina. Couldn't go far L had to go home today. BUt anyways.....I got to AsDA, round to Glasgow Street, and Princes Street,a wee bitty up Montomery road, and along side the marina. Stopped to Talked to the two wee pups, and remembered NOT to touch my face after.
Back in now and struggling to get on with work, which I have to do. I finish on Thursday and I have a pile from hell to get thru!

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