Saturday, July 05, 2008

I want you to Want Me....

K gave me beautiful presents for my birthday.

Firstly she gave me a Swiss Army Card. Is Beautiful. I'm going to take it with me everywhere and pick and cut things. And it Is Pink.

Secondly, she gave me a walking set. Weights for my arms, (or legs), a belt, a Drink Bottle and a Pedometer. I'm inspired. I am soooo sooo pleased she gave me that. I will be out there tomorrow. Chanking along the streets.

Thirdly. She gave me a beautiful box, beautifully Wrapped, and inside the beautiful box, was nothing. I text K to explain that I had enjoyed and would enjoy all the pressies, but was confused that one of the boxes was empty, and she rather beautifully explained that she had also appreciated the lovelyness of the present which should have been in the box, that she had kept it. But thought that I would appreicate the box itself in which it came and could use it to litter the rabbit hutch? YEs, I was confused about that too.

Below, the bits she sent me to confirm her posession of the lovely thing!

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