Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's My Party........

Today was my birthday, in so much as I seen K for the first time since my birthday, and was beholden with my pressies.

I was delighted. We had lunch. Lunch wasn't brilliant, but company was. That is a lie actually, Lunch was lovely, the Crab and Salmon Linguini was heavenly. K and Tool had Pizza - Margarita and BBQ Beef (which K says was actually chili). K and Tool then had a shared Ice Cream Sundae, but not one between them - One Each!! yes. I choose Raspberry Cheesecake - as recommended by the waitress, and it came and I tasted it, and JEESUS H CHRIST

The raspberry coolis was made of tomatoes I swear. Jeesus. I took one bit, and thought, YEUK I'm going to barff, and I thought Maybe I was wrong. but I tried a wee bit again.... Jeeesus. So I shouted the waitress over and said "jeesus, you have to take this away from me it is disgusting - the worst I have ever tasted". They offered me something else, or coffee, but I thought not .I was very concerned that they tried to get me to eat tomatos, and on top of cheesecake. made me try to eat EVIL Tomatos, and spoil the enjoyment of Cheesecake for EVER.

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  1. Evil cheesecake. You should follow my lead and order the biggest pudding on the menu.