Monday, October 03, 2011


So today I decided I must start to get fit.

I got up, not at 6 like I fantastised, but at 7.40, after everyone else.  I stumbled through the bathroom activities, and decided train and then the mile and a half walk to the office would be good for a start.

4 minutes from house to train.  Good start.  On train, twitter a bit.  Didn't avoid guard, damn, and then station.  Starts walking.  Got about 500 yards, and car goes past and peeps.   P from work.  Shit.  He signals to pull over, but it is about another 500 yards before he can.  I have pathetic shoes on.  Not even suitable for walking distance, let alone run.  I have to speed walk 500 yards, in on-coming wind.

Collapse into P's car, and thank gracefully, as I can with pink face, and gasping lungs.

Have to do better tomorrow!

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  1. How come you didn't leave an option for reaction for incredibly stupid post? You are not giving your readers many good choices to choose from.