Thursday, September 29, 2011


Bloody hell.  How do I encourage my daughter to be as committed and active as she wants to be when everything keeps falling over the top of us! 

She gave up hockey, to be able to attend all her volleyball matches.  She can't apply for a LOT of part-time jobs, because she would like to attend at least some of her volleyball matches - and employers don't want to employ someone who isn't going to be at their beck and call.

She got a week at an outward bound course, and it fell inbetween two Duke of Edinburgh Sailing weeks, one of which we had to move those to allow her to fit in her Outward bound course.

We booked a weekend away - her first volleyball match of the pre-season was scheduled for that day.

Her gran won a competition which involves a flight to london and a day over for both of them - she has another volleyball match on the day they leave.

It never ends.

Does anyone have the ability to split the time/ space continuum, give me two days for the price of one, and allow Tooli to do it all?

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