Tuesday, September 13, 2011


But first...  I had the dentist this morning.  Not even the Dentist.  I had the Hygienist.  I decided yesterday morning that I should cancel.  It would reduce the horrible feeling I had.  But I text my Si to tell him, and he said "No".  So I didn't.

I got down 10 minutes before my appointment, and had to wait ten minutes to be seen.

The Hygienist and her friend in yellow got stuck in about me, trying their hardest to choke me with the pokey thing, and break my teeth from the bottom up.    One thing I will say though - They chatted to each other, not about me, but about buying houses.  That totally distracted me.  I'm going to ask the dentist to talk pap the next time I'm in.

I'm actually tired. Physically tired from the stress of having to go.  I need to get over this.

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