Saturday, January 20, 2007

Flipping Global Warming.....

Flipping blowing like mad again last night. There I was standing in the garden at 3 am this morning trying to drag stuff around the garden to make sure that the rabbits didn't blow away. Heaven'ts it was wild. At least there was no fence left to fall down, it all fell down last week.

Got up at 8 helped Steven with his paper round... we did it in about 15 minutes, after I had finally dragged him out of the shop... was gossiping.!! he is off to Edinburgh this morning to play volleyball.

Si came home about 9.30. He was staying out last night with the Scouts. They were supposed to be camping but they couldn't because of the wind. So they had 20 Scouts stuck in the Scout hut all screaming until 2 am this morning, at 3 am they were moving Scouts around to try and break up the noise.

Steven also got up about three, and said "i'm going back to bed, it isn't time to do my paper round". I think he was sleep walking!.

Eilidh dragged herself out of her pit at 1030 just as I was going shopping, she is away having a shower now and getting dressed.

I'm going to do some house work and then meditate!!

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