Saturday, February 10, 2007

Shivering Saturday

Sprog 2 at Guide Camp, DH at Scout Camp, Sprog 1 out with friends. I've never had so much quiet time for a long while. I'm taking it very easy and laying around, and snoozing. I love sleeping.

Me and Steven and Gran went out for lunch, which was lovely. We went to Scotts and ate far too much. It was actually quite cold in the restaurant -we were sitting in the sun lounge. everyone wants to sit there, but there isn't actually a fixed roof, it is one of these wynding things, so the draft gets in. There were patio burners and blow heaters on, but there was a definite breeze blowing. I was fine. I was sitting right on a patio heater, so I was great. But some folk were sitting with their coats fastened up tight. I think I would have asked to get moved inside.

Then I took Sprog 1 to Ayr and I got him a couple of jumpers. Well Jumper and an tank top. Very cool. (apparently). Now I'm just sitting here, waiting to have a wee nap. So enjoying the quiet, but missing them at the same time.


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