Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday 5

What was the last thing you filled out a written application for?
My Disclosure Scotland form for the Scouts. So that I have official permission to batter kids.

What computer application software last impressed you with what it could do?
Scabble Solver.... o m g this allows me to cheat frantically on Scrabulous and get high scores and for the first time in my life WIN

Where did you last apply a Band-Aid?
To my baby boys toe. He is 16, and 6ft 3in. He pulled the toe nail off, basically because he had about 2 inch long nails and had been bouncing around a volleyball court breaking them off inside his trainers. It was very yeuky and messy. I don't normally do broken bits on boys.

What’s a rule that applies to many people in your life but not to you?
Abuse Helen as much as you can, cause she's nice and she'll take it.

When were you last required to apply some elbow grease to something
I'm always applying elbow grease. Am very dedicated elbow greaser when I get going. I leave it too long always.... and then it needs elbow grease before anything will move!

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