Monday, March 10, 2008

Games, changes and fears when will they go from here

I have been practising my Reiki quite frantically over the weekend.

I'd let it lie for a wee while - just not letting aside time for me to practise, but I was feeling very panicky last week, and got in touch with my Reiki Teacher and asked for a wee burst of energy, which she duly did for me, and which was received gratefully!

I practised on Monday last night, and tuned in to distant empowerment........ and practise building up energies each night during the week. I send Reiki every day to Kirsty - in the form of protection - to keep her safe. That is working, is making her happy and safe. Toolibelle can pick up the energy now which is lovely. It makes her laugh.... cause she doesn't quite understand it.

Last night, I reiki'd Steve for a while when he came in and he nearly fell asleep at the table. Very excellent! Not the result he was looking for , but it was brilliant seeing his eyes close over.

So I meditated as soon as I came in tonight - distant healing, self-healing and empowerment. Feeling very calm with myself..... Am going to torture Si now. I love torturing Si - but not to the extent of running his bare feet over with the hoover.

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