Saturday, March 22, 2008

To Fall Down At Your Door....


Next weekend I am going on a Charity Walk - 6.5 miles along Loch Lomond. When we got up today, we thought nice day - lets use the day and walk. - Kinda Practise for next week. We hummed and hawed about where to go. I quite fancied a hill, but then on second thoughts I felt a nice stroll along the beach.

In the end we decided to walk along the golf course, then bike route, and we got to the Airport, had a Starbucks and turned and cam eback the other way. We were going to walk the beach, but Eilidh plain flat refused. I have to say , that by the time I got to the last mile I was nearly crying. The ache in bones, actually my bones was hurting so so bad. Si held one hand and Eilidh held the other one..... eilidh gave me her version of Reiki which was lovely.

I got in the house and leaned on the kitchen units.... and stayed there for awhile. I was soo so so tired. so now, I'm sitting down on couch and not intending to move..... for quite some time.

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