Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Girl you are me heart's desire

Kirsty bought me a present on Friday Night. I forgot to mention. Yes, was this. Peter Andre's "All About Us - My Story". Quite why she bought me it I will never know. She said it was a toss up between this and Pamela Anderson. Jeez - was I lucky or what?

Anyways, on Sunday I thought, "i should read this".

Bloody hell. I managed to get to Page 4, and then I had to stop. It was brain numbing. I know that is cruel - I even read some reviews to see if I was missing something, but then I realised that everyone who writes the reviews are people who love Peter Andre. So in the spirit of niceness, I have decided to sell the book to someone who does, it is on Ebay. I have even offered free postage to encourage people to take it away from me.

I'll stick with Christopher Brookmyre, or Iain Banks..... that's more my cup of tea.


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