Sunday, March 09, 2008

And I fought my way to front of class...

I came on here to tell K to get back to tidying her flat. Big Mess Everywhere..... Her wardrobe has collapsed thru the weight of on-line clothes buying, bag buying, accessory buying, and the rail and all the hangers, complete with clothes are lying on the floor. She sent me pictures - which I will add once I find my phone again.

In addition all the stuff in her box room, has started to leave. Not the flat, just the box room. It is just decided that enough is enough. Jack has even started to stand closer to the flat across the landing for fear of getting swamped by accessories trying to leave the flat.

So anyways, I came on here, and was inspired by Busted, went to find busted lyrics, and what do I find......those bloody Jonas brothers have stolen it. Stolen it and ba'as'ta'rd'i'sed it, and made it theirs. I'm not impressed.

I hope wee James is getting his money for them playing it.

In order to make sure no one forgets the original and the best......

1 comment:

  1. Omg how young are they!!!

    Charlie is still hubbalicious tho.

    Note to authorities, please dont jail me. He was legal there.