Saturday, March 29, 2008

Every one of us, has all we need

Tomorrow is my big walk.

Actually am quite nervous. So many people have put their money down for the charity---- even before we've completed so we have to honour their contribution and complete.


Tonight I'll be digging out the walking boots - don't fear, I had them on last week... they have just disappeared under the pile of kids clothes! Making up the lunches.. somehow Mum equates her giving me a lift 4 miles down the road to me preparing lunch and munchies for us both!?! Go Figure? Procuring the walking poles! I thought walking poles a bit pretentious but Si says they actually have a beneficial effect! I shall be looking forward to that!

I know what I'm wearing. I was thinking about taking my book with me, (on ipod), and mum and me could have an ear each!

Am hoping the weather is reasonable. - Come on , this is Scotland it's never going to be great- will have Si's raincoat (I refuse to buy one - I'm the eternal optimist). But A little rain never hurt no one!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi DWNB. Good luck with your walk. We did the Great Glen at the weekend and had to abandon it because of the awful weather. The pub in Drumnadrochit was good, though!!

    Enjoy. Love, Anne x