Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy times together weve been spendin.....

Woke up feeling a whole lot better. Aching in the legs had stopped and the cold sweats too.

Gingerly got out of bed and staggered to the toilet. That's normal. I always stagger when I wake up.

Got ourselves up dressed and fed. We were going to head out on a long walk, but we seriously had bits to do around the house..... cleaning, washing, cooking.... I headed out to get the shopping and came back. Cleaned the bathroom and we headed out for a walk.

Tooli wouldn't come. yesterday was all she could take.

We just walked down along the beach, into the town, had a bimble round and then back home again.

My legs felt fine and I think I'll be okay for next week. Really actually looking forward to it.


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