Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's gonna get better .....

So following on from last blog.. this is the Gmail Chat K and Me were having at lunch time!

helen: I thought youwere having heart attack on phone.

Kirst: i am eating my lunch adn do not wish to discuss the mankiness
helen: is not mankyness. is really funny
Kirst: yes. but no lucky i have anti bacterial hand stuff in let me tell you what size are they?
helen: i nearly wet myself. hang on at least the playdough softened the impact
Kirst: yes. i need to play with that later.
Kirst: i think you should send kerry a pair.
helen: I especially like the bits...>"you don't need to wear underpants"... ha ha ha ha hah ha
Kirst: that is awful i cant believe you done that am traumatised.
i am sending them to big sexy
helen: it is the funniest thing I have done EVER O M G you so should
That would be hysterical "Old Man Pants
Kirst: I will think about it. He'll know its me though.
helen: there iss no problem in him knowing this...
12:20 Kirst: he is a bellend of the highest degree
helen: what does that mean?
I think maybe you would like to wear them. I think they would keep you warm?
Kirst: in fact, you can hand deliver am sending them to you
12:23 helen: ha ha ha
/i will wear them, and take pictures of myself in them for you.
Kirst: Helen they have hairs on them! HAIRS
helen: that is a nice etouch eh?
Kirst: i told james cumming and he was almost sick
I can't believe I managed to do something so awesome.
12:27 sorry awwful

: i have sterilised my hands about 60 times this morning
helen: ha ha ha ha helen: Send them to Kerry. Tell her it gets cold in mozambique oh oh - Ryan would likee the long hjohns.
12:34 helen: yeah, I told him that he looked a bit horrified.
but I said that they were built in
Kirst: Like part of the fabric.
helen: yeah,
Kirst: i am going to email him
helen: are they?
12:35 Kirst: what is his email address
helen: is ryan that wants them. He doesn't have email.
Kirst: no is separate hairs.

Following this chat, K posted them back to me, and then about 4.45 followed a series of panic texts as the Post room tried unsuccessfull to get a hold of K. She seriously believed that they were going to fire her, for posting poxy long johns thru the Mail Room. O M G I thought I would die laughing.
"Omg Horible mail room guy was phoning and phoning me there. Am F^*(ng s&^%$f it . they bloody longjohns have been opened and traced back to me"
"feel sick. Am totally S*&ng it. OMG what if they send out "everyone" email . CS will know immediately. Am gonna listen to voicemail when I get home"
"phew not long john related. I can make my dinner now. Happy Tapping".

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