Saturday, March 08, 2008

Do do do do do Too Much Insania

Peter is currently sitting at 6 pence. With 4 Watchers. I am hopeful that big things will happen as time goes on, and I might even reach the heady heights of £1.00.

Didn't he have meningitis or similar? Maybe I should have read the book, see if there was a reason for the poor story?

I've been up to Glasgow this morning to drop Steven at Kelvin Hall and back down again. The rain was absolutely pouring down. I was driving down A77 at about 25 miles per hour. I was soooo scared. Eilidh was playing hockey... I got down to the pitches just as the mass evacuation was taking place. Eilidh spotted me and dived in the car. Si was left standing at his car, wondering where the hell Eilidh had disappeared to. tee hee. I did wave and point to Eilidh in the passenger seat!

Now I'm sitting contemplating some housework. I was going to do some lastnight, but in the dusk, the place looked quite tidy. However, in the stark daylight (albeit wet), it looks shoddy!

Here I go... I hate housework.


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