Monday, March 24, 2008

Pictures Came and Broke Your Heart......

Technology is brilliant.

Traffic Scotland
is my latest craving.

If you stay in the UK you will be aware of the mental weather we are having at present! Now Scotland is not a big place and it is well known that you can in fact experience all types of weather in one day, in fact - in one hour. On this web site, I can actually follow the progress of the bad weather.... they say bad.... but everyone in Troon has been waiting for the arrival of the snow, and all we see is white fluffy clouds, blue sky and blinding sun. Is freezing, true enough, but none of the white stuff.

You can actually see the snow all around. The Galloway hills to the South, and the Moors above West Kilbride to the North. Quite often, due to the clarity of the atmosphere, we can even see Ben Lomond, rising up above everything in front of it. Not a bad job when you consider it is approximately 80 miles away.

Traffic Scotland has a portal showing road cams (yes, big brother is everywhere), and I can click on Cameras the length and bredth of Scotland and check where the snow is. Right now oops. Just checked. the A9 Drumtocher, and the A82 to Fort William cams. have just gone done. 5minutes ago I could see blizzard like conditions! Even in the dark. Excellent. Central Scotland and East Scotland is pretty clear right down to the borders. Looks like it is on the way out again - is just snowing in the right places, near the Ski Resorts.. which is good, because the last few years there hasn't been enough snow to open them during the season!

AIS Shipping this is another brilliant for no reason site. I was pointed to it, by one of the lads at work. From it, we were able to trace the shipping route of a boat which had been sitting in the docks near our work, all the way down the coast to it's home port. You can see any ship sitting in any location around the coast. You can look up ship lists and from there click onto it on the map. Amazing.

But Scary. What else is available to see like that?

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