Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm after a hunk of a guy, and experienced man of the world

Gran, Janet and Suzie are in Lanzarote AGAIN. If the mobile phone texts and photos are anything to go by they are having great fun! She sent me three last night - two lots of photos and a text which I couldn't read, but everyone looked well oiled- both physcially and liberally...

Boy is off to Belgium tonight.... the highlight of his trip is the Easter Rave on Sunday night! He went last year and swore off red wine.... wonder what it'll be this year - cause he put himself off cider at New Year.

Si is away up to Glasgow to Dentist this morning....and then heading back to Largs.

Tool - well her face is tripping cause she has the dreaded music lesson this morning but she will be fine. She is a lovely clarinet player.

Me - I have work... then Tap.... then another Parents evening. Appointments start at 7.30 and go on until 930. Better make sure I eat something en route from Tap to Marr. Last week I did the same thing, and sat down to eat for the first time since lunch time at 9.40 pm.

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