Monday, March 03, 2008

Gonna make a break and take a fake

Had the best weekend EVER! For Ages anyways.

Friday night was Kerry's Race Night in aid of her School Building Trip to Mozambique. Si and I got pleasantly plastered. Won on only one race, and didn't get any raffle tickets!!! but not to worry, a good night was had by all and Kerry raised 900 towards her costs.

Saturday, got up, took the kids up to Glasgow Fort, did some shopping. Called Frankie and benny's from glasgow and booked for 8.15 in Ayr. We JUST made it down the road in time.

Was very very nice. Kids had Loaded Spuds, Si had Mozzerella and Tomato Salad with Fresh Pesto. Yummy - then Boys had New York Chicken, Tool had Caesar Salad, and I had Penne Pasta with Sticky Chicken which was a bit gorg. Pudd: Tiramisu - the BEST ever, Si had Cinamen Waffles, and Eilidh had banana Cheesecake.

It was sooo nice to have ALL my gang together for one day. The kids spend so much time being driven back and forward between sporting activities it was just lovely to all spent time together - not shouting instructions as we run in and out the door.

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