Friday, March 21, 2008

I love those lazy days and crazy nights.....

Busy couple of days. I'm going back to Sunday here........ Steven was training with NT Squad - in Coltness, so Me and Tool took the opportunity to flee over to Edinburgh and have a quick wander round the shoppies. We walked for miles. .- The equivalent of at least 5 Sport Relief Miles I should think. Tooli bought a new jacket, the child is obsessed with jackets just now.

We went To waterstones cause we wanted to sit amongst books and drink lovely Frapps or chai Tzao latte, but discovered that it was closed because John Barrowman was upstairs signing copies of his book. Was amazing they were letting in 15 people at a time, and having them queuing at various points in the store. We didn't wait. - there were like 100 people outside - at least. Look at the queue.

K and K were out eating again. They very kindly emailed me pictures of them eating. They are always eating! How come they eat so much and are both so bloody thin.

Work in the yard has commenced on the new toilet block and I have been out inspecting.... and driving the digger. We wonder how many health and safety rules I broke doing that ! I also nearly broke my neck, so I won't be doing that again. Who knew that the cabin would tip backwards when you bang the bucket hard on the ground! - Well I never. Bloody hell.
The new restaurant across the road is getting closer to completion... the name plate went up this week , and someone phoned this morning,here, looking to make a booking!!
On Wednesday night, I shot home from Work, to My sisters to pick up Steven's shin pads..... don't ask, but if you ever need anything in a hurry, see K (Wee-devil) cause she is logistics genius! Then I went to Tap Class, where I bounded about unreserved for an hour. Steven our teacher, is so enthusiatic and a brilliant dancer.... but I don't think he actually sees that the majority of us are middle-aged, (and some of us unfit), and not quite doing the dance exactly as he is! But bloody hell it isfun. Then I left, sweaty and breathing hard, and headed home to Troon.
Next Stop was was at Tool's parents' night. My daughter is a genius. I don't know quite where it has come from, but she is just amazing. We knew she was getting top marks for all her subjects, and both of us are very impressed that she willingly WaNTS to take 3 sciences.... but then we seen her Art folder and were presented with life-like self portraits and paintings, with light, texture and feeling. Who'd have know?
I'm really looking forward to getting them home, cause I will frame them. They were quite brilliant!
All this, and An Acheivement Award for being the "Most Improved Hockey Player". One teacher actually said she was "the singular most talented pupil" he has ever had the pleasure to teach . I was nearly crying with joy.
And then on Thursday morning at 3.30 am, my baby boy - ha ha - He is so not my baby any more... 6'3" and full of nonsense and very bad hormon
es...... left to go to Belgium with the School Volleyball Team. I say School - I think maybe 4 of the players are with the school, the rest have come back to participate. I think the thing they are mostly all looking forward to is the Easter Rave! Their Guest Parents take them down, and leave them there from about 9 til about 2 in the morning, or 3 or 4. It takes place in the town square, and every young person in the town appears to be there..... last year it appears to have been a complete blast. Then they all drive home - sleepy and hungover (drinking age is 15 over there!!). What joy! Who'd be a teacher on a school trip!
Last night (Thursday), after the early start...... .I was really hoping for an early night, I remembered we had Comedy Show to go to. The Comedian was J J Whitehead - he was brilliant. There is something great about just going out to laugh. You just sit and laugh and laugh and laugh. Made all the better by Kerry laughing. She has the BEST LAUGH in the whole world. So open and happy - it just makes everyone around her happy too.
So that was my week.
I need to Sleep now.


  1. Were you sleeping at work? Haha brilliant.

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