Sunday, September 28, 2008

I didn't I didn't know a thing at all

So tomorrow marks the start of a new month (well not really - is Monday, 29th September, maybe 30th - I'm not sure which day today is) Okay - I went away to check there and I still don't know what day it is. Jees, how difficult is it to find out which day it is... well I KNOW it's Sunday, but which NUmber???? Ah! Is 28th. So I was right to start with. (thank you BBC)

The reason I am saying is new month, is that tomorrow, Tooli is starting her preparations for winning Duke of Edinburgh Award. Service, Skills, and Physical for Bronze. Service will be helping at Brownings, Social is learning to cross stitch.

I am her Physical.

She is going to drag me out of my bed three times a week to run. O M G What have I let myself in for. I believe that she will do it - she is very focused and determined. However what I believe to have on my side is that she HATES mornings.

In this respect she is her father's daughter. He also hates mornings. I have to constantly ask him what is wrong in the morning, because i fear I said or did something in the middle of the night to offend him, so "off" is he of a morning. But it is just the sheer pain of early starts. By Early Starts, I mean anything before 9.30. So every day is like this for us. Because even at the Weekend both kids are ALWAYs doing SOMETHING which starts at a totally ridiculous time which means leaving the house pre-8 am.


I have had a LOVELY weekend. Spent most of it on my own, but that isn't a bad thing always. A bit different but nice. I'm just away to start preparing a nice meal for the whole family to enjoy when they all return tonight, AND finish my tidying. ( i did our bedroom last night, om g I Can SEE The floor again).

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