Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Love Struck Romeo, Sung a Sweet Song Serenade

Well, as you can see from the photo I survived.

This isn't actually me today, it could have been me yesterday cause I'm all wet. Did you know that it rained for 40 hours non-stop. Amazing Eh?

I just felt we were lacking photos.

I was so stressed before / during / after the dentist, and he is laughing at me like I'm a looney. The receptionist says to me, I remember in April 1991, on a Saturday you came in and we couldn't even get you in the chair.

I had to leave the family in the car and walk. We got there too early and I couldn't bear just sitting there. So I walked the High Street to Argyll Street and then headed along Candleriggs and back round, examining every shop within walking distance, until I realised I was back.

I was in and out in about 40 seconds. Well maybe 3 minutes. I had my Time Traveller's Wife blaring into my ears so I was oblivious to the abuse he was giving me.... I love him really. he is best dentist in the world. I just hate people poking me teeth.

I left the Dentist before everyone else - well Tool came with me - She had actually been taken, and sent back out again in the time it took me to recover from the stress. We went across and got bacon butties from the wee station shop. Boy loves the Red Sauce which is Neon in Nature, and tastes as much like Tomato Keptchup as Bonios do. But he says it adds to the experience, which he says the wee shop and the banter therein are. ha ha ha

I also had to stop and have a Starbuck. White Mocca Choca. Yummy. That about calmed me down, however now I am suffering the after effects of Stress and want to sleep and sleep and sleep.

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