Friday, September 19, 2008

The Friday 5

the Friday 5 This isn't the orginal Friday 5, but I linked to them cause they are the best. I have a problem sometimes with their entries, because they are American... and I don't always get the questions...

1. What is
your best joke?

WHat do you call a Fish with no Eyes?

2. If you were a character in the Muppet Show which one would you be?

Animal, cause I'm a bit like that, Unpredictable and Vicious

3. Do you brush your teeth before bed?

Oh Yes Indeedy, so that I can taste all lovely and fresh before I kiss the face off my husband.

4. Would you employ Daddy Papersurfer?

This is an interesting one. I didn't know what a Daddy Papersurfer was, so I went to and asked them. This in itself was very interesting, and they have now offered to send me 7 interesting facts about Beer and Ale for the next seven days for free, which delighted me. They text me back and told me that a Daddy Papersurfer was a aged blogger who moaned a lot, and happily (contradiction) referred to himself as an old git. This being the correct definition, No I wouldn't employ a Daddy Papersurfer? Why Would I? I am as much of an Old Git as I need all by myself, without paying someone to be one for me.

5. When was (if applicable) the last time you lied about your age?
I lie about my age constantly. I am 44, shit, I think that is the first time I have written it down. NIGHTMARE. But I think I can pass for 38? I used to pass for 28 but I think that would be pushing it now. If I keep thinking Gary Barlow and Cheekbones I might get there.


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  2. I'm not even employable as an old git!?! - I'll have to re-write my resumé - tee hee

  3. Mummy Shopsurfer5:18 pm

    I love my new scarf so much.