Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed

I barely seen my family last night.

I was so relieved to be feeling better after the migraine I came home and toddled straight off to tap. We are trying a wee dance - Does Your Mother Know. It is actually quite good when you do a dance because you can learn the order of the steps rather than just banging away repetitively.

Jacqui said she wasn't going to go back, but she will - I sent her the steps and the song so she can practise as hard as she likes before next week.

When I got back - Tool was at Volleyball, Si was face down on the PC. Boy went to Volleyball and I let him drive, which was a bit scary because it was really dark, and pouring with rain. I forget that I can't really see in the dark, so I had to sit right forward in the seat, with my face pressed against the windscreen so that I could tell him what he was looking out for. But we got there without incident, apart from the third to second, instead of third to fourth which thankfully he did when I was looking out the back window. If he had done that when I had been sitting where I had I would have been thru the windscreen.

When Tool came home she headed up stairs for the beauty treatment and shower. I headed back out to get Boy, and I let him drive home again which was slightly better - I trust him to see where he is going. When we got in I screamed because Tool had decided to put on a face pack. A Chocolate Facepack. O M G; And you should see the mess of my towels too. I think she just wiped it off with the towel.....

I had to go to bed then. I get so tired so quickly. And here we are again, at Weird Tuesday.

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  1. sorry you were wrong. it's the doing something for myself i'm allergic to!