Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well come on and let yourself be free

I love Gok. I do.

He made me realise you can be positive about your body whatever your shape, and mine is some shape.

I have been away and bought his Banger Booster, and a Spanx Body Shaper. Wowee. I love wearing them. I really do feel great. When you feel great feel better about yourself.

However (there's always a however isn't there). On my banger booster, (that would be the item on the top - covering the "bangers") there is a little bell in the middle of the cups. Really cute when you are on a night out. However I decided to treat myself and wear it to work to day. I have spent the first two hours of the day repeatedly tucking the bell inside my bra to stop it ringing. I sound like a demented SAnta elf, and in an office with boys obsessed with bosums, not a good idea to be attracting attention to your chest area.

Sadly however, I pulled it off on my last adjustment. Now tho - I can hear the squeak of the support - I sound like desperate mouse.

O M G It is difficult being Gorgeous.

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