Sunday, September 21, 2008

And in your way, in this blue shade

Every so often you witness something, or hear something that makes you think, and makes you adjust your behaviour accordingly.

I'm lying in bed, playing with laptop, I can see the sun is shining outside, all is good with the world, and I'm just contemplating getting up. Tool is still sleeping, Boy is away to Volleyball Coaching, and Si is away to Scout Hall to plaster or something.

Then I heard it. A demented mother, screaming ferociously at her kids. To hear someone scream like that, you would imagine that the child must be pulling the eye balls from a sibling, or extracting his grandmothers fingernails with a set of pliers. But no. They just weren't getting into the car fast enough.

I can't honestly remember the last time I screamed at my kids. No that is a lie. I screamed at Tool on Friday night in the car. She was flicking thru songs on her ipod, and all we were getting was snippets of songs, and Boy was screaming at her and then she sulks, so i turned and yelled "choose a song put it on put it on put it on". But then we laughed and she put a song on.

I'm of the quiet threatening motherhood. I've never been a bit fan of screaming. Probably because I know that if I start I wouldn't stop. I used to be rather manic, but thanks to Prozac I'm nice and stable now and things don't infuriate me as they used to. But when I hear a mother scream at her kids like that, I've got to wonder why she has them.

Oh I know that getting pregnant and giving the man you love his off-spring probably sounds like a fantastic idea for some, and then when the reality hits, it can be a nightmare, but you don't take your mistake and lay the blame on the kids.

All a kid needs is love and positive affirmation. ALl these Nanny programmes are an amazement to me - why do these people need help in knowing the obvious? You don't let your children speak to you like filth... but where did they learn it from? Children learn from us.

All that mother this morning taught her kids was that it was alright to scream like a demented banshee and wake up the neighbours when you don't climb in to the car fast enough. She will have no right to complain when the kids scream at her like that for not doing something for them fast enough.

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